cm 21 x 30


The work stems from the search for a dialogue with the surrounding place: interior (hotel structure) and exterior (beach and sea). Just as the sculptor transfers himself into the sculpture, here the environments related to this area conceal life that manifests itself overbearingly according to natural rhythms. It is the dialogue between inside and outside, between the place and those who live and reside in it. In the photographic shot, evidence of the artist's residence in the hotel, there is all the complexity of the meaning of this word. The setting of the 3rd floor of the Royal Gallery Hotel in Giulianova (TE) is evocative, silent, retro, from the Kubrickian atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel. No paintings on the walls, no sculptures, no trace of any artwork among the corridors. The artist interprets his sculpture, holding his breath, remaining motionless and impassive, but at some point it is the sculpture that imitates the artist, picking up his breath, letting his shoulders sag a little. The clay with the heat of the body cracks and allows a glimpse of the skin, dyed red clay, contrasting with the green of the surrounding walls. The sculpture becomes a gift, living and residing in the hotel.