15' 01"


The work stems from the investigation of the neighboring architectural context of the town of Acate. Just as the sculptor transfers himself into the sculpture, here the environments related to this area conceal life that manifests itself overbearingly according to natural rhythms. It is the dialogue between inside and outside, between the place and its residents. The atmosphere of the Antico Lavatoio di Acate (RG) is suggestive and strongly evocative. The structure that is now a ruin, a good part of which is still intact, is the sacred place in which the sculptural work fits, which reinvents the identity of the structure, as it stands today, and restores its monumentality. Here the artist personally interprets the sculpture, thus holding his breath, remaining motionless and impassive. The work and the artist become one. The image simultaneously renders the idea of a bronze sculpture and an animated body. The video allows one to observe all the details of the seemingly motionless image, which gradually reveals small environmental and physical movements.



Scatto Toni Campo