acrylic and fluorescent pigments on canvas

cm 20 x 18


Female nipples, suffer a lot of censorship from social media. There is a difference between male and female nipples: the former can be seen everywhere, but the latter are subject to social criticism and restrictions. Newspapers report news of the last woman who dared to go out without a bra, and social media prevents the spread of the female breast, even if it is the breast self-palpation to prevent cancer. Social media, however, also censors art. It is a recent fact that involved Instagram and Facebook in the censorship of Canova's nudes. The social media algorithm does not distinguish between art and porn and censors a priori, thus preventing the dissemination and promotion of art. Not only is the body censored, but also for the treatment of sexual themes, the algorithm tends to close profiles. It's taboo to show it and it's taboo to talk about pleasure and female sexuality. A midwife wanted to post a drawing of the female perineum, but Instagram prevented her from doing so, immediately deleting the post in question. The picture of the male perineum, on the other hand, is posted quietly. Requests?