SELFIE Project


digital scanning

variable measures


"Selfie" is the union of two projects: the first is photographic and uses a specific language, while the second is an installation in which the same images are used to convey a more complex message. "Selfie" stems from the idea of self-reporting, as happens in the contemporary world, in the instant of an instant photo, often of low quality and self-celebratory function. An operation that was once called self-portrait, which in the same word encompassed the importance of the content and the time to perform a series of gestures, ranging from painting to photographic printing. In "Selfie" the desire to portray oneself over a period of time longer than the instant remains constant, thus exploiting a technological tool that portrays what he sees in an objective manner: the scanner. The scanned images translate the will of a direct contact with the instrument, the light (artificial) and the time (used by the scanner to capture everything on the glass plate). In this operation there is a state of suffering in the constriction of self-representation within a delimited space, involving all the senses, including sight - the eyes are compulsorily closed to counteract the intense light during scanning -. The photographs portray the same person in 16 scans, marked with a code "subject identifier A0001" (in this case the author T.M.), clones of which are typological behavioral variants corresponding to Jung's studies and created through the psychometric tool JTI (Jung Type Indicator). The opportunity is created to be able to choose not only the physical person, but also a specific variant of the desired psychological personality type. The wooden crate contains a "real" prototype among the available variants ready for shipment. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to accept people as they are, nor to strive to change them with inconclusive results.