Video 3'55"


SIGN ORCHESTRA is a sound performance in which three fundamental elements are present: time, sound and sign. The sign is the spontaneous part of the work, in which the pencil is the medium that traces the momentary identity of the artist on a strip of paper, and the music box traces the sound through the holes made in the sign. Time has two components: an alarm clock that marks the objective time and a metronome that marks the seconds relative to the artist's perception. The metronome, the alarm clock and the music box through their faint sounds will serve to highlight the silence and space around. The constant, punctuated sound brings the mind into a relaxing hypnotic state reminiscent of the human heartbeat, and the traced mark accompanied by the sound of the clarion evokes images of our childhood. The installation itself is documentation, the video will serve to show the performance, composed of a small, almost silent orchestra.