Amnios project


15' 8"


AMNIOS is a project conceptually inspired by the ancient symbolism of water. Symbols are the keepers of memory, the power of the symbol is to tell universal meanings to all men and to cross unscathed the human generations, assuming new values, but preserving the ancient knowledge. The symbol of water is present in all cosmologies of peoples, is an image that is linked to the flow of life, time, becoming, a metaphor for strength and vitality, that primordial element in which death and rebirth merge in the presence of unconscious energies. Water represents our emotional, irrational and creative side. The symbolism of water in relation to the image of the woman, is the cave from which energy flows, a maternal womb that guards and contains the amniotic fluid, the primordial sap that generates life. Sicily has a visceral relationship with the symbolism of water, since it is an island immersed in the light and colors of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea, in Sicily, tells the stories of time and people, from the concave ships with Greek sails, to the death boats of migrants. Today the giant of water and salt is the abyss that men must face for survival and freedom. In the video "Amnios - Rosa" is retraced the process of creation linked to mother earth, the absolute creator, and the process of creation linked to the figure of the artist. At the heart of the wide project of Amnios, linked to the performance, there is a constant duality of the relationship between life and death. In this video, the bond turns in one direction, from death (as another identity of life energy) to life. It looks at reality towards an absolute truth, towards beauty (understood in its broadest meaning), generation not as birth, but as rebirth. The inverse process of the act of eating, like a mother who breastfeeds, who nourishes through her body, and from the mouth, seat of the vital breath, the soul creates. The video was created by reading a poem by Cécile Caulier and Jacques Lacome "Mon amie la Rose" musically performed by the artist Françoise Hardy, which speaks of a beautiful rose that in a short time fades and dies in a short time, the project was born with the intention of giving new life to something that was beautiful in the beginning.