wood photosensitization

180 x 300 cm

The OMBRE series, which in Spanish means man, hence the play on words, portrays Tamara Marino's true shadow on the four main sides (front, back, right and left profile). The shadow that for C. Jung corresponded to the dark side of the personality, and in color theory is obtained by superimposing a layer of complementary color on the surface, here is obtained by the effect of light and time, so it is the opposite of darkness and there is no addition of pigment. It is a game, that of the shadow, perceived through the intervention of light, where the shadow is visible when illuminated. Time has played a fundamental role, almost like a photographic process in which the image has been imprinted in the memory of the surface, which is wood, a symbolic and highly evocative material (especially for the sculptural language), alive, organic, reactive. The four panels placed in the cardinal points of the room evoke the presence of an invisible figure. We do not see it but it is there, present, like an invisible sculpture, created in our minds.