Installation - Social Media Action

ceramic, wood, white pigment, cards, facebook posts printed on paper


The TAMARA MARINO IN THE WORLD project was born in 2012. Through the platform of social networks the artist manages to get in touch with 18 namesakes from around the world, forming a virtual group on Facebook which includes all 19 Tamara Marino, with the exception of one male member, Marino Tamara. It is an exchange of information and curiosities and in 2016 each face becomes a person with a custom archive and a portrait in white clay. This project stems from the need to relate to others and find from this a comparison and a point of reflection. Who am I? It is one of the first questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives, which has to do with our very existence. Often we answer this question with one's name and surname, which if it were different would not detract from the substance, except for one fundamental aspect: the meaning that name has for us. Our name (and surname) is imbued with our entire life since we were children, including our inner life. Inside a name we identify ourselves. Tamara Marino for the artist means sculpture, home, pencils, museums, travel, Carrara, fish, countryside, sea, Sicily. For someone else it means Peru, dance, mountains, cooking, marriage, brothers, dog, chess, soccer... Each person calls by their own name that trunk of emotions, people, memories, passions, work, culture that belong to them. To the question "Who am I?" one finds another meaning. If I had been born a man, in a country like Argentina, and had 3 sisters and... Our lives and the way we think depend on a multitude of factors. Spying on the lives of others gives greater objectivity to the fact that we are unique even though we are not.